The SVG Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Welcome Remarks
Roxanne John – President, ISOC SVG Chapter
Mrs John gave an overview of what an Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is an and their impact on our daily lives.
Key elements of internet Governance were highlighted which are: Sustainability, Robustness, Security Stability and Development of the internet.

As long as you are a user of the internet IGF is for you. See more in our recording of the event 

Feature Remarks

Ms. Bernadette Lewis Secretary General, Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU)

Congratulate the team in SVG for organising the national IGF.

An overview of the work of the CTU was given with an example of there IGF framework and the implementation of this framework.

See more in our recording of the event

Cultural Presentation

Darron Andrews – Internationally Acclaimed Violinist

Mr Andrews performs a spectacular violin rendition of Justin Bieber “Let me love you” For more of the beautiful rendition  See our recording of the event

Presentation on:
Understanding the internet ecosystem

Mr. Albert Daniels

Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Mr Daniels explained ICANNs ecosystem

ICANN is open to everyone. Important decision that is made at these meetings affect everyone. Fellowships are available for interested persons. There is an online application process 3x year around.

If we as a Vincentian citizen does not participate, then the people that are at these meeting, will make the decision for us.

SVG IGF – ICANN Ecosystem  Download or view slides here 

See more in our recording of the event 

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Presentation on:
The importance of Internet Governance and how to address internet challenges

Mr Shernon Osepa

Manager LAC, Internet Society (ISOC)

Critical aspect of the internet that should be taken into consideration:

Economic – How to use the internet to generate an income

Development – We are looking at the digital divide – How can we bridge the digital divide

Social Cultural – Content development privacy and Data Protection – Rights of people with Disability – when can develop system that they too can get internet.

Human Right

Security – Cyber Security spam protection of children online

See more in our recording of the event 

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Presentation on:

Understanding Net Neutrality and Relevance to the Caribbean

Mr Maurice John and Eben Wilkins -TechnoBlurbs Team

This presentation  informed us about Net Neutrality. How it is important to our daily lives and why all stakeholders should support equal opportunity for all users of the internet.

Full presentation slides can be downloaded below:

1st IGF Panel Discussion 2018 Presentation

Virtual Panel:

Understanding Digital Finances  and how it will change the traditional way of conducting business

Virtual Regional Panel (Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Dominican Republic)

See more in our recording of the event 

Presentation on: Building resiliency and security of the  internet

Mr. Shernon Osepa, ISOC

Vote of Thanks and Award Recognition Janelle Ross -McIntyre-General Manager, MRH Holding